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So you want to stir up some drama, huh? Well you’ve come to the right place…

Be nice…

Firstly, please keep the content friendly… remember, jmods are just people like yourself! Not only that, they spend an incredible amount of time and energy to maintain and update the game we all love so much. Who cares if someone spawns a tbow near the farming guild; you can’t tell me you haven’t ever made mistakes at your job before!

Button Overlays

To create a new button overlay, visit this Photopea Button Template link.

Alternatively, each page will contain a link to the most up-to-date Photopea project for the month! Simply click the button on the month you wish to edit and you will be taken to the project.

Do not change the dimensions of the image. If you create a button around this template, it should work fine!

The template provides fairly large margins. Feel free to use it however you like, but be aware that it might not look great if you use it all.

Once you have finished editing the button, share the project by going to File > Share > PSD) and copy the link into the form below.


To truly make this site interactive, it would be great to have events documented. If you would like to upload/edit the contents of a specific month, please fill out the form below!

Need clean images of objects/npcs/items? Use WeirdGloop tool!

Please try to link to official content where available (oldschool new pages or official wiki links, or reddit posts) in the following format:

Here are some links to past drama calendars in case you want to help backfill any dates!